Lebanon’s wine law

Lebanon’s wine law (no.216, 29/05/00) is divided into three core areas.

  • Regulations governing the production, sale and importation of wines.
  • Regulations defining the constituents and nature of Lebanese wine and Lebanese concentrated must (freshly pressed grape juice, prior to or during fermentation).
  • Rules governing the fermentation of dry, sparkling, sweet, semi-sweet (demi-doux) wines, liqueurs and fortified wines.
  • Rules governing the use and provenance of grapes, the cultivation methods for grapes used to make wine, and guidelines for the wine making process. Much of its technical regulations follow those set down by the Office International de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV).
  • Rules for labeling and origin designation

To get the full text of the lebanese wine law, please Lebanon’s Wine Law and download it.